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Tuesday, April 22 2014
Time to set that back straight

It's been a busy week. Tracy's hemoglobin dropped and earned her an Easter Saturday at the Mater having a blood transfusion. Whilst it took all day, anyone who has spent time at 'Hotel Mater' knows it can be a pretty good place to rest, and so increased hemoglobin + a day of rest at the Mater equaled a great Easter Sunday feeling a lot better than she had been all week. We were just grateful she was out in time to enjoy Easter with us, and the kids, and be part of all the fun that comes with it. We got Taya for a sleepover too:-) Special times! Last week we also met with the Neurosurgeon and you didn’t need to be a surgeon to see the part that didn’t look right on her MRI and EOS scans! When we went through it all it seemed a pretty straight forward choice on a not so straight forward topic (I think our heads are still spinning!). Major back surgery is scheduled for Monday (28th). We will need all of Tracy's army prayers and thoughts with us on this day and the weeks that follow. Recovery will involve about 10 days in hospital followed by a couple of week’s inpatient rehab and then outpatient rehab.  Tracy's mobility has been decreasing while her pain has been increasing so we are hopeful the surgery will be a great success and set both of those heading in a better direction. We suspect that Tracy won’t be up for many visitors in the early days post op and aren’t too sure what her rehab schedule will look like yet, but check in with me towards the end of next week when we should know more. I’m also doing up a roster to help Mike out with Taya’s schedule whilst also trying to make sure that Taya and Tracy still get to spend time together. The two T's are hardly ever apart so I think that’s worrying Tracy even more than the operation! It’s going to be quite a month but we feel confident in her surgeon and that this is the right step to take in her treatment path. The break in Chemo should help her haemoglobin levels and Tracy sure won't miss those extra doses of corticosteroids each week. As you all know, Tracy is one brave and tough cookie, and I have faith in her to pull through this like the champ she truly is :-) As soon as she is well enough it will be straight back into Chemo again. Oh, and yep, that picture, that's just part of what they will be doing next Monday! Talk about bionic reinforcement:-)

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Wednesday, April 16 2014
Book Now

Secure your seat for the Gala Dinner and/or pick up a Corporare Sponshorship

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Thursday, April 10 2014
Tracy's Message

Tracy's first blog featuring the newest member of the Williamson family.

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Sunday, April 06 2014
On Demand On Board

On Demand jumps on board as Platinum Sponsor

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Sunday, April 06 2014
A Sparkly Surprise

A little bit of sparkle to brighten any day

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