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Wednesday, March 12 2014

As I sit here I can't believe has only been up for a week. In that time we have had an overwhelming response from friends and family all over the world offering love and support to Tracy. We've seen the power of the internet and social media in connecting Tracy and, the rest of us in her inner circle, to people who also have a special place in their heart for Tracy. It's been quite overwhelming and emotional as the messages have come pouring in, many sharing wonderful stories that have had us quite nostalgic and a little homesick for a dose of African sun, soul and soil with a side serving of Zambezi white water.

For me personally it's been heart warming to see how many of my friends are getting behind Tracy because of their connection to her through me. I feel lucky and proud to have them as friends. It has also been clear that the efforts of a 12 year old boy (Nick Rees-Allen) engage people's hearts and that the Rees-Allen's friends are also getting behind Tracy through the connection they have to Tracy through Nick and his parents. Nick has raised over $1000 already and there's still a few days to go before he adopts the Kojack look and needs to put sunblock on his head:-)

Which brings me to an update on how the overall fundraising is tracking. We almost cannot believe that in just one week we have raised enough to cover 6 weeks of treatments and loss of income for Tracy. That is over $4000!!! Tracy now has 63 people in her army and more if we take into account the families of each person.  It's nothing short of incredible and humbling all at the same time. The sense of community and the sum of each person's contribution is making the most amazing difference already. Thank you to:

Ingrid H, Sharon F, Adette K, Andre and Leigh B, Hayley K, Suzie B and Stephen M, Gail and Martin L, Kevin H, Craig K, Jocelyn W, Lindsay N, Sarah B-R, Naomi W, Kate M, Mel T, Sarah W, Kim H, Amy L, Jacqui W, Lynleigh G, Lynne D, Don C, Meg T, William I, Linda R, Bank of Queensland - Buchanan, Neville L, Jean and Anthony O, Alix T, Liz F, Jacqueline C, Alicia, Gavin S, Lisa V, Maree, Richard S, Nikki S, Tracey R, Sarah K, Dana and Kevin B, Neille and Sian B, James B, Juba, Nicky S and to Fireplace Corner, Jill O'B, Garol Gibbons Photography, Dolphin Jewellery, Chris Ogilvie, The Bellstedt family, Freddie, Susan V N and Telstra. All of these people/companies have sent cash or prize donations/pledges along with messages of support. It's an amazing list already that is probably already incomplete as it's constantly growing and evolving, so please forgive me if it needs updating, I will be adding to it and posting updates as we continue to track towards our goal.

Thank you also to all of the 4Tracy4Life committee (Nicky, Jean, Anthony, Viv, Lisa, Guy, Ingrid and Shaz) and the ongoing efforts of all of the school mums (Belinda, Mel, Alex, Jasmin and probably many others I have yet to meet or even know about) at Pymble Public School. Without your support for Taya and for the whole family I'm not sure where we would be and I am so looking forward to catching up with you all this Friday.

They say that there is safety in numbers and power in people working together towards a common goal. We believe this to be true because we feel stronger and safer in having you all with us. Each and every one of you helping to make a difference.

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This is so encouraging to read Clare and on behalf of everyone - A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU! The teamwork and support of family, friends and strangers to Tracy is really inspiring and welcomed at times like these. There is a long road ahead, but we walk it together. Tracy deserves everything we can give her! xx
Posted by Ingrid Helff on 12/03/2014 - 10:55 PM
Well said Clare, thank you:-) I am so overwhelmed and grateful for the incredible generosity and support we have received from all of you lovely people. I don't know how to thank you enough or explain how much this means to me and my family. Thank you!!! Love Tracy xxx
Posted by Tracy Williamson on 13/03/2014 - 10:05 PM
HI Trace So sorry you have become part of God's ant farm where he pokes at ants every now and then for his amusement.Some of us get off lightly and some don't...You are such a legend and one of the true Zambezi cool kids who conceded the Nyami Nyami..... Leigh and I are thinking of you and your family.... We will definitely whoever looks aft err the blog must send us bank details Love and respect Hungry and Leigh
Posted by Hungry and Leigh Hurlin on 03/04/2014 - 06:36 AM

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